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All’s Well that Ends Well (Story by Eduardo Soliz)

Life after the Big War wasn’t easy, but folks got along as best they could in the dusty lands that had once been called North Texas. Before the bombs had dropped for the last time, jackalopes had been known as fictional creatures, but thanks to the unpredictable power of the atom, they now roamed the landscape alongside many other new beings and animals. Unlike their kitschy namesakes, they grew to be several feet tall, walked on two legs, could speak, and lived as the humans that had once ruled the planet did. Jack and April were two jackalopes who lived on a small farm a few miles away from Dallas, which was now a modest city of ten thousand beings. They tended their farm and enjoyed a quiet life that was briefly made less so by the occasional trip to the Dallas market to sell the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor. Awakened by the shrill crow of a roosterpillar, Jack threw on a set of overalls, picked up a bucket, and walked outside to the rain barrel. As it was the middle of summer, he was not surprised to find it empty. “Guess ahm a-goin’ to the well…” Jack muttered to no one in particular in his Texan accent. He started leisurely walking towards a barren hill, whistling and swinging the bucket back and forth as he did...

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Future Tensed (Story by Eduardo Soliz)

“All I’m saying is that if you keep traveling back through time, you’re going to mess something up sooner or later.” April said to her partner, who was pacing around their laboratory like a caged animal. Jack stopped his pacing, turned to face her and raised his voice: “For crying out loud, April! I pop up in ONE old photograph and now you’re all skittish.” Now that Jack was standing still, April walked up to him and got in his face before continuing: “You’re getting careless, Jack. The closer you travel to modern times, the higher the chance that you’ll be caught on film. We’re just lucky the Butterfly Effect hasn’t…” Jack interrupted her with a scoff: “Oh please, not that load of baloney again. If Doctor Butterfly’s theory had been true, we would have popped out of existence or be speaking Swedish now or something.” “Well, I’m sorry, but I you are not making any future trips until we publish our findings and get feedback from our fellow physicists.” April insisted. Jack became livid and raised his voice. “Feedback? As far as we know, we are the first ones to actually travel back in time! All that we know about time travel up to this point have been educated guesses and theories. We are the experts, April!” He exclaimed while quickly pointing back and forth at himself and...

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