Welcome to Texas Furry Flashback, the official photoblog and historical all-site of Texas Furry Fiesta!

 Art by Beastsoul (FA)

Art by Beastsoul (FA)

Since 2009, Furry Fiesta has grown from a local con to one of the best-attended and best-regarded cons on the calendar. Our community—and the furry fandom as a whole!—is full of creative people, parties and dances, silly moments and antics, and art and costumes. Here at Flashback, we’re going to celebrate our little wedge of the furry world.

And we’d LOVE your help! There’s lots of room for YOUR memories and words in this project, so please drop us a note or leave a comment, and become a part of our history!

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Minutia — Editor: Texas Furry Flashback