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Conbook Cover

MaryMouse’s Jackafluffy-infested wasteland cover, TFF2012

Our Charity

TFF2012’s charity—taking care of big cats, not strapping them in plate armor for the Murder Pits. As far as we know.

Guests of Honor, Special Guests

TFF2012 Guests of Honor and Special Guests, who live in a decadent tower while everyone starves, until Kevin Costner or Mel Gibson breaks it up or something.

Dealer’s Den & Artist’s Alley

Policies for the dirty outdoor market of salvaged parts, discarded weapons, and one weird critter in a cage that screams as you walk past, TFF2012.

Thunderdome (Story by Kyell Gold)

Kyell Gold is an award winning author who has made a tradition of contributing a story to the Furry Fiesta conbook. Once again, Kyell takes us back to Las Vegas and to the life of Sean, a wolf who has a very special talent for...

All’s Well that Ends Well (Story by Eduardo Soliz)

Life after the Big War wasn’t easy, but folks got along as best they could in the dusty lands that had once been called North Texas. Before the bombs had dropped for the last time, jackalopes had been known as fictional...

Furry Fiesta Rules

The only rule of TFF2012 is every rabbit for himself. And all those other rules.

TFF2012 Dealer’s Den Map