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From the 2011 conbook cover…art by Megan Giles

Our Guests of Honor

TFF2011’s Guests of Honor: Fursuit creator Lucy Coyote of “Don’t Hug Cacti,” and artist Megan “Dustmeat” Giles!

Our Charity

About our TFF2011 charity, The Center for Animal Research and Education

Panels and Events

The TFF2010 schedule: “One disco, one soft ball game, one lost love, one gay pride rally at a time.” – Jasmine Guy

Inferno (story by Kyell Gold)

The young red wolf Sean had his silicone oven mitts on—if nothing else—and was trying to get the beignet dough to behave while the oil in the deep fryer was heating up. Just roll it out, his ma’s recipe said, and cut into...

From the TFF2011 conbook cover…art by Clamcrusher

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From the makers of Quisp, Sanka, and Pez, the all new TFF2011!