Opening Ceremonies
Join us as we kickoff Texas Furry Fiesta 2017! Meet the GoH’s, get to know our charity, and hear about changes and headlining events over the next few days. A hyena tries to talk on stage.

Charity Auction
Take home something special, and help out our charity! We auction items that are furry-related, nbgaming swag, and many other specialties you may nbnot expect! All proceeds go towards C.A.R.E. and F.A.A.S..

Fursuit Parade
Come join our annual fursuit parade! Staging will be Sat at 12:30p and the fursuit photo will be taken 5 minutes before the start of the parade; so be sure to come early!

Piñata anatomy & dissection class
Join Professor Glass as we go over the anatomy of the common Piñata. Class participation is expected for the dissection of a Piñata with the proper wood utensil. Prizes, Candy and the education of the internals of Piñata can be yours! Be on time as Piñatas are limited.

The Circus Freaks’ Great Big Really Awesome Circus Show Involving Surprisingly Few Freaks
Returning for their second year, Dallas’ purveyors of industrial-grade whimsy are proud to present an all-new variety show featuring acts of circus skill, musical mayhem and other theatrical shenanigans.

AD: Rocky Horror Picture Show – Presented by Los Bastardos
Los Bastardos has performed The Rocky Horror Picture Show in DFW since 1997 and is regarded as one of the best casts in the country. Accomplished and traveled, this professional stage show is R-rated and adds the perfect amount of spice to your night. For more information on The Bastards, check out, or their Facebook link

Workshop: Costumed Movement Theory
A workshop created exclusively for Furry Fiesta! Mascot-style costumes present unique presentation challenges due to their fixed expression and lack of animation. Learn movement techniques that will breathe life into these characters. Participants are encouraged to bring specific costume pieces to troubleshoot

Workshop: Improv Essentials
Join performers from the Circus Freaks for a workshop in the fundamentals of improv games, comedic theory and other theatrical shenanigans.*
*Also suitable as a spectator sport.

Workshop: The Drop-Stuff Academy – Circus Arts for Beginners
A class intended to make proper fools out of complete klutzes through the exploration of movement and play. Juggler Russ Sharek teaches you fun ways to improve your balance, coordination and health using circus props and performing skills. No movement, dance or circus background required. Bring two left feet, comfy clothes and a positive attitude.

Closing Ceremonies
Join us as we close out our favorite convention! Hear the final numbers for attendance and charity, get the lowdown on big announcements for 2018, and say goodbye to your favorite hyena Chairman. Meet your new birdbrain hybrid overlord. Re-evaluate your life.


Fox’s & Pepper’s Concert
Fox’s and Pepper’s, the collaborative original performances of Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote. Coming off a recording at Abbey Road Studios and their collaborative album “Hashtag”, Fox and Pepper are bringing you over an hour of singing, piano, guitar, fun and their musical shenanigans!

AD: Foxes & Peppers AD Concert
Enjoy the musical talents of Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote, but adding swearing, arguing, Scottish insults, and songs only for adults! You don’t want to miss this musical comedy show!

Matthew Ebel: Bird Rock
Piano. Geek. Rock. Bird. Matthew Ebel is back for an NEW ALBUM PREVIEW that will be RECORDED LIVE concert, featuring Runtt on drums and Korozjin on guitar.

Shiny & Zack’s Contractually Obligated Music Hour
They don’t read the bottom line (THE FOOLS!) and they don’t get paid… But, they DO perform for you for no additional cost. Come listen to urban-folk style music of ZOMGShiny and Zack Grey as the play everything from originals to covers, new music to the stu your parents listened to, and keep you entertained along the way!

Run, Definitely Run! Concert
Come see “Run, Definitely Run!” the fandoms very own furry band. Performing originals off of
their latest album “Hey, Listen”, and covers from favorites such a “Panic! At the Disco”, “Gangnam Style” and Others!

The Wonderbolts Band
My Little Pony inspired rock and roll show! We’ll be playing songs from the show Friendship is Magic plus originals and covers of a whole bunch of things! Come see why we’re the best band in Equestria!

AJA Music Concert
Come spend an hour or so with the Fairytale Minstrel spinning myth, magic and music into one fun concert!

Furrhythmics Live!
“Since their debut at MFF 2015, the Furrhythmics (@Furrhythmics) rose into super stardom, attracting fans from around the Midwest Region! While singing outside of the FurPa hotel, their notoriety rose as a random stranger promised to get them booked in front of large bar audiences worldwide! The Furrhythmics “world” wind tour included places like Norway (Iowa), Cairo
(Illinois), with a final decent that landed them in Hell (Michigan).

They are performing their feature length concert for you right here at Furry Fiesta! Featuring the talents of Stargel (lead), Nbowa (bass), Piroshki (Baritone), and Arcturus (Tenor) they will be sure to amaze you with wonderful four part harmony in song!”


AD: KnotSheathed
Join Kyell and Fuzz as they discuss their TFF2017 experience, writing, and who knows what else. This is our annual KnotCast/Unsheathed crossover panel.

AD: Adventures In Smut
Matthew Ebel and other guests take short-story erotica from the fandom and bring them to life via voice. The cornier the better. Imagine if “Prairie Home Companion” got downright filthy…

Furocity Radio Live
Live from TFF is Furocity Radio. Join DJ Cody and DJ Suka Vulpe for a live broadcast from TFF. We will have music, prizes, and special guests! Don’t miss it!

Dance Events

Fursuit Dance Competition Auditions
Auditions for the 2017 Texas Furry Fiesta Fursuit Dance Competition

Dancerfur Chill Session
Leone the head of the Team Tygamese dance duo and extension, here to host a panel for those new and seasoned in the dancer fur community. This panel is made to have fursuit and non-suit dancers network to others who can give tips to expand on prior knowledge, share stories on experiences and make a new friend or two! Do not be shy as this is a no judgement zone. Stay fresh, inspired and positive!

Electric Energy Class – The Science of Swing
Learn the East Coast Swing! Sparks fly in this power-filled rhythm/spot dance. After easily mastering the basics of this dance, we will try to amp up the voltage with extra focus on highly
charged moves in open. This panel is for adult participants only and partners are provided!

Perfect Chemistry Class – The Science of Rumba
Learn the Rumba! Form perfect chemistry with your partner in this passionate rhythm/spot dance. After easily mastering the basics of this dance, we will focus on forming bonds andbuilding potent intensity in close-open. This panel is for adult participants only and partners
are provided!

Texas Furry Fiesta Fursuit Dance Competition
The Official Texas Furry Fiesta 2017 Fursuit Dance Competition

Thermal Reactions Class – The Science of Salsa
Learn the Salsa! Heat things up on the dance floor in this smoldering rhythm/spot dance. After easily mastering the basics of this dance, we will focus on red-hot moves and getting steamier in close-open. This panel is for adult participants only and partners are provided!

The Quantum Motion Experiment – The Big Ball of Science
The Pendant Learning (& innovative) Dance Operating System has gone corrupt & taken over the ballroom science & enrichment center! She demands test subjects to complete a series of challenging tests to complete her experiment – for Science! The tests involve a series of scientific achievements in Perfect Chemistry, thermal Reactions, Electric Energy & Volatile Compounds (AKA Rumba, Salsa, Swing and Tango). Classes for all of these dance sciences are provided before the experiment begins, & at class you can also receive your dated companion cards and test subject numbers. The test subject that shows the most dedication to dance science will receive a Super Sponsorship! There will also be cake for subjects that complete the entire testing experiment!


AD: Hyena Open Mic Comedy Hour
Welcome to the 3rd annual open mic comedy
hour! Come listen to your fellow barkers bare
their wretched souls on the alter of “I hope this
is funny” for 5 minute shots of what could be a
very long night. Bring your best set or just enjoy
a random lineup. We’ve had a lot of fun in the
past, let’s do this disaster again!
AD: CatchFurase USA
Join Jym and a panel of celebrity guests as he
brings his award-winning British game show of
frantic phrase guessing and fabulous prizes to the
US for the first time! Featuring art by GoH Tirrel
but he’s making Jym host it.
Fursona Creation
Let’s talk about fursonas! How to choose species,
colors, patterns, and more! We will also play fun
creative games (prizes included)! Come join us in
this fun interactive panel!
AD: Transformation Sensation 2017
Welcome to a state of mind where boundaries of
species no longer apply. This panel will discuss
the future of the genre as well as the results of the
newest Furry Transformation Survey. Surprises
are in store, and all transformation fans and nonfans
are welcome!
AD: Sarcasm & Cigarettes,
an Evening with Pan-Pan
From phone calls from the police to projects
turning people blue, join Pan-pan as she shares
stories of family, the fandom, and more
AD: Mystery Drag  eater 3000:  e Furcon
Join some of the best furry drag performers for a
night of fun and madness! Don’t forget to bring
your lab coats and some grants, as these science
experiments are worth your time and money.
Make them work their genetically modified
money makers before they start falling off. All
tips to be given to Furry Fiesta’s charity C.A.R.E.

AD: Who’s Lion is it Anyway?
An audience participation version of the classic
AD: Weilder’s Moments
Come by for two hours of fun. Listen as Wielder
relates events from his life that many of us are
glad only seem to happen to him. Hear stories
and anecdotes about the strange and bizarre
and the oddly humorous. Stick around for the
Q&A at the end with options for requesting your
favorite stories.
Otherkin &  erian 101
What they are? This panel will cover some basics
terms used and other beginner information on
Otherkin and  erians.
Cocktails & Ties: Hosting
High-Class Furry A airs
Do you vomit a little in your mouth every time
a furry friend suggests fast food or others you
syrupy artificially-flavored vodka? You are in the
minority, but you are certainly not alone! Join
this organically-grown local fur (the founder of
the North Dallas Furry Dinner Club with a taste
for single-malt scotch & strong craft IPAs) for his
top local restaurant picks, a crash-course on fine
beer/wine/liquor, bartending, and tips for how
to throw a responsible, refined party with furries
without breaking the bank.
Furrywood: Motion Capture
You’ve heard of animating by hand. What about
animating by body? Learn about motion capture
in this interactive panel, and find out how this
rapidly developing technology is changing
computer character animation.
Furrywood: Voice Acting
Here’s your chance to be a voice actor! In this
audience-participation panel, volunteers perform
from a stack of prepared scripts. Everything is
recorded on a professional rig to be posted online

Furrywood: Foley!
It’s one of the only jobs where men are paid to
wear high heels! Foley is the art of creating sound
effects live to picture, and ever since The Secret
of NIMH, it’s been a vital part of sound for
animation. Come learn about foley e ects, how
they’re used and how they’re made by making
your own in this interactive panel!
If Furries were real…
In this engaging panel, we will discuss if actual
flesh and blood furs were real. We’ll talk discuss
the logos, pathos, and ethos of it all; when we
think about: what world do they come from, how
do they act, what do they think, Etc.
The True Meaning of Furrydom
Hello and welcome, everyfur! In this special
presentation, we will explore and examine what it
means to be furry, why it is important to us, how
it affects ople in general and how we apply it to
our everyday lives. We will learn how to enhance
our beloved fandom, and strengthen it to new
Theater, Film, and general Acting Fundamentals
Want to know about the fundamental principles,
theories, and techniques of acting? Through the
use of theatrical exercises and character/script
type analysis, you can experience and begin to
build a foundation of the physical, technical, and
emotional preparation needed to further hone
your skills for those seeking for a profession in
acting (Or just for fun!).
Mysteries of the Marf
Where did it come from? Where will it go? It’s
been around for ages, and nobody knows of its
origin. Join Michael Folf for a riveting discussion
on the story behind the marf and the importance
of the marf to the fandom and beyond. This is
a fun talk on random possible, comprehensible,
fictional animal noises. May contain nonsensical
and unrelated human noises.

Entertain the Staff for Small Prizes
Entertain the Staff for small prizes. Family
friendly, please, but other than that, any act that
can keep us busy for two minutes is welcome.
Smalltalk with Shep!
Meet Owen Shepard, a small-town dog with big
ideas—that’s me!
I’m inviting everyone at Furry Fiesta to come
chat, munch snacks, share stories, and have some
fun during this very first recording of my new
YouTube web series, Smalltalk with Shep! I need
your help to get this show on the road!
Mad Science Laugh Off
Does your laughter cause the sky to spontaneously
erupt in lightning? Come cackle at the sky and
show off your mad science laughter skills! A to be
determined panel of judges including input from
the audience will determine the ultimate winner
of this homage to the scientifically depraved.
Karaoke / Lipsync
Share your vocal stylings with the audience,
or put on a show with a prop mic if you like
hamming it up but don’t want to sing! (this is
a good option for fursuiters) We will be playing
from Youtube, so if the song you want is up there
we can make it happen!
Second Life Furries
Want to experience a online world or you can be
you’re Furry Self in a 3D world. meet new and
exciting people explore thousands place. Furry
Clubs, Role Play areas.

Art Track

GOH: Animation with Tirrelous
Are you interested in animation, but aren’t sure
where to start? Have you always been fascinated
by the illusion of movement? Join Tirrelous as
he walks through his approach to bringing his
characters to life.
GOH: Drawing 101 with Tirrelous
Are you new to drawing? Have you always
wanted to make your own art? Come learn
from Tirrelous, as he shares tips, tricks, and
fundamental techniques to help you get you
AD: Glass’s Iron Artist
HOLY FOX TACOS! TFF’s Glass Ferret returns
to host Iron Artist insanity. Come watch our teams
of artists only have 2-5 minutes to coherently
draw multiple randomly selected subjects
suggested by you the audience! Only here will
you see art where DRAGONS
TENNIS BALLS all in a single drawing. Artist
tryouts will be 30 minutes before the panel starts.
Striking the Pose: Figure Drawing 101
Do your drawings look a bit wonky? Trying your
hand at a new ref sheet? Need to brush up on
your proportion skills? Come and learn some
new tricks for drawing figures to achieve realistic
positions. Bring a sketchbook and practice with
live models.
Figure Design 101 – From Sketch to 3D Print
Have you ever wanted to design your own
figurine? It’s easier than you think! This panel will
show the basics of 3D sculpture and design using
a FREE set of design tools to take your idea from
sketch to 3D printed reality. Sponsored by Pixel
Ghost Studios.
AD: Adult Art Panel
Silly shenanigans and maybe a bit of learning on
the important do’s and do not’s of adult art in the
Furry Fandom!
AD: Speed Draw Pin-Up Hour
How many pin-up drawings can one artist cram
into one hour? Come to this panel to find out!
Furry Pinups takes audience suggestions and
turns them into sexy nsfw pin-up art as many
times as possible in an hour. Much fun and
sexiness to be had.
Character Reference Sheets for Dummies
Tips and tricks that I have picked up over the
years for creating character reference sheets that
will convey the key features and attributes of
your characters to artists. We will discuss both
the written description and the visual references.
Layout Mastery for Comics
Layouts are the key to pacing, attention, and
emotion. Are your pages packing the punch they
could? Learn the techniques and tricks of layout
to give your comics more impact and punch up
your pinups too!
Frankenplush Make-a-Long
Get together with the theme staff to craft your
own Frankenstein style animal plushy! We’ll have
misc. plush body parts and the tools you need
to make your own little Mad Science monster to
take home!
AD: Drunkychu’s Doodles
Come join the artist Noxychu while she sketches
your ideas live after imbibing some adult
beverages! Let’s design a Mad Science fursona
together! Things will get silly, there will be many
giggles, and I’m sure likely some lewdness.
An Artist’s Guide to Selling at Cons
Want to boost sales at your con table and create
lifelong fans in the process? Get the details on
how to create fulfilling customer relationships,
set up an engaging table, and sell without feeling
like a salesperson. For newbies & pros alike.

Writing Track

GOH: Ursula Talks about Stuff
Come hang out for an hour while GOH Ursula
Vernon tries to stay on topic about writing or art
or something like that, but rapidly veers off into
rants about potatoes, frogs, and survivalism.
GOH: So You Want To Publish a Book
You’ve got a book, but now what? Self-publish?
Small press? Large press? What’s the best  t for
your story? Come talk to published authors and
publishers about how to find a home for your
Writing 101
The very basics of creating a story will be covered
in this panel, from outlining to getting those first
words down onto paper.
Sci-Fi Storytelling
This panel goes over how to write a story within
the theme of this year’s convention, covering
specifics within the genre along with both fandom
and mainstream examples of what constitutes a
true sci-fi story.
Writing through Blocks
We will discuss any and all tips to get past writer’s
block and how to spot it coming. If writing just
can’t seem to get started for you, then this panel
may help.
Writing 201
Any topics not covered in Writing 101 will be
covered here. Basically, that means more advanced
techniques and questions will be brought up and
talked about, revolving around topics like writing
to an audience and story/character archetypes.
Script Writing
This panel covers how to create a script for most
mediums. Screenplays, short films, comic books,
and more all are based on scripts, and this panel
aims to help in the creation of those scripts!
Novel Writing
We’ll tackle one way to think about novel
structure and novel writing process, but bring
any questions about novel writing!
Writing Contest
Another Furry Fiesta, another writing contest!
This year is the same as last year’s, a short story
based on the theme of the convention. All details
will be given within the panel, so be sure to attend
if you want to try your hand at this competition!
Write Now!
Having trouble getting that short story started?
We’ll start with a discussion of the elements and
structure of a short story and then there will be
time for you to apply that immediately and start
Scene Building
This panel covers the basics of constructing a
scene, or several, inside of a narrative. What to
add, who to include, and pieces to both avoid
and emphasize.
Short vs. Long: Storytelling
This panel delves into the differences in telling a
short story versus a longer one. There are a lot of
unique pieces to each choice, and knowing which
to go with will help bring out the best in your
Storytelling through Different Mediums
There are so many different ways to tell stories.
This panel features an author, a comic author
and artist, and a video game developer. They will
compare and contrast their various methods of
telling a story in their areas of expertise.
AD: Adult Writing 101
This panel focuses on the more mature side of
furry writing, covering the basics of getting more
adult aspects of writing into a story, and making
sure that they work well within the confines of
your tale.
AD: Mature Writing Particulars
This panel covers the more specific aspects of
adult writing within the fandom, from fetishes to
taboos and everything else in between. Also, this
will be a safe, open space to talk about the more
obscure aspects of adult writing.
Not Humans With Fur
One of the most common comments you hear
is not to make characters ‘humans with fur’. But
how would an anthro world actually differ from
our own? How can we use the differences to add
some spice to the tale we endeavor to tell? We will
take a look at how anthropomorphic requirements
and physiology would result in design solutions
for technology and some aspects of culture using
the same methods used to engineer solutions to
complex problems in today’s human world.
RAWR: Year Two And Beyond
RAWR, the first residential writing workshop
started for and by members of the furry fandom,
is moving into its second year! Join us as we
talk about how this writing workshop can help
you enhance the skills you have, develop social
relationships with the writing community, and
give you a perspective on writing that will help
you build con dence in your own writing ability.
We’ll provide a brief summary of the results of the
 rst year, discuss changes in the second year, our
vision for the future of the workshop, and what
you need to do if you’re interested in attending
the upcoming session.
AD: FurPlanet Book Reading
Come listen to the works of various FurPlanet
authors, as read by the authors themselves. Enjoy
samples of recently-released works, as well as
upcoming works from FurPlanet!
AD: All is Not Well in Love & War
Gay  oof ’s, magic, and warfare! What more
could you ask for? Join us for the o cial panel
for the Sheath & Felix series of novels!
Brainstorming Your Plot: How to Get Started
So you’re in the mood to write a story, but you’re
not sure exactly what you want to write? Need
to jump-start that creative process? Learn how
to work through the steps to getting a concept
down on paper,  eshing it out, and creating the
framework of a successful story!
Character Development: Making Your Story
So now you have a story idea and that’s great, but
how do you bring your characters to life? How
do you create a cast that people will remember,
instead of allowing them to fade into obscurity?
Come make people with us, and create the next
big sensation that will help to drive your story!
Publisher Q&A
Meet both a publisher and a pair of published
authors within the fandom and ask them
whatever questions you have!  ey will answer
to the best of their abilities, and give you some
insight into what it takes to get a book published
within the fandom.
Commission Writing
 is panel covers the basics of taking commissions
when writing.  ere is a lot to take into account
when taking money for writing, and this panel
hopes to shed a little light on what to consider, to
avoid, and to make sure is a priority for both you
and the commissioner.

Fursuit Track

GOH: Making Realistic Fursuits
 e driving force behind Clockwork Creature
o ers a huge overview of materials, techniques,
and tips for realistic fursuit construction, plus a
Q&A. Bring your own work for critique if you
Fursuiting At Fiesta
First time at Fiesta? Back for more?? Come learn
about the events and amenities for the fursuiters
this year.
Fursuit Games
Are you MAD enough to join our crazy mad
science games?!?! Come join Ipequey as he hosts
the 2017 games. Winning is optional. Fun is
Fursuit Improv
We got the stories and games, you bring the
fursuit! You never know what Ipequey will throw
you into!!
MacGyver Fursuit Challenge!
What happens when a fursuit builder is put in a
room and given a short time to build a partial?
CAN THEY DO IT?!?!?! Come  nd out! NOTE:
 is is not a fursuit construction panel – this is
just entertainment.
Fursuit Price Is Right
 is is the fursuiter version of  e Price Is Right,
where fursuiters are asked to come on down to
contestants row. Winner plays a pricing game,
and goes on to the Showcase Showdown.  e
winner of the Showcase Showdown goes on to
 e Showcase and the one fursuiter that has
won the most in cash and prizes wins a badge
Furry Femme Photoshoot
A semi-private photoshoot for any and all female
fursuits to come and take pictures with each other
Up your Fursuit Game
Improve your fursuiting and performance ability
by learning from 14 years of charactering and
mascoting experience. Become more than just a
Fursuit Character Performance How-To
Want to learn how to make your unique fursuit
character stand out? How to not be a statue
fursuiter? How to be an experiment gone wrong?
 at last one we may or may not put into practice
in the name of science. Join D-Claw, Avanto Folf,
and Snow the Fox as we teach you how to expand
your character performance to its full potential.
Fursuiters welcome and encouraged to join us!
Advanced Suiting Outside the Fandom
Tired of just suiting at cons and meets? Take your
character on the road! Fursuiting outside the
fandom is a fun and rewarding experience where
you can bring a little magic into people’s everyday
lives.  is panel will focus on small group outings
and strategies for positive engagement, as well as
tips and tricks for logistics, props, and handling
techniques. We also will be looking to hear from
the participants on their own experiences.
Fursuits: Your Human is Showing
Learn techniques on how to design and build
fursuits and creature suits that disguise the
human  gure.
Fursuit Acting: Developing a Character
Have you ever wanted to interact with a crowd
of people, but never been able to draw attention
while in fursuit? Have you ever had di culty
sticking to the character that your fursuit is? Do
you ever feel like you’re just not at the top of your
fursuiting game? If the answer’s yes, then this is
the panel for you! We will discuss di erent acting
methods; learn how to bring a character to life
for any experience level from beginner to expert!
Fursuit Care
Want to keep your pride and joy looking
awesome? Come learn how with veteran fursuiter
Unknown Fursuit Creators
Come join us for an informative and interactive
panel about lesser known fursuit creators who
deliver the same quality for a better price! Learn
how to fursuit without hurting your wallet!
Power of Pretend
Fursuit performance for the novice performer,
harness the imagination and sense of fun inside
all of us to bring your character to life! Hosted
by veteran fursuiter Yippee Coyote – featuring a
short talk followed by a participatory workshop,
come in suit or bring your partial!

Variety Show

 e Furry Drama Variety Show
Furry Fiesta has a wealth of talent right here.
So be prepared to come and watch some of the
best this con has to o er. Dancer, musicians,
Fursuiters, and other acts.
Furry Drama Show: Casting & Auditions
Come try out for  e Furry Drama Variety show,
Make new friends and get involved in Furry
Fiesta’s variety show!! Even if you don’t have
skills, you can learn and will have a blast doing it!
Furry Drama Show: AV Rehearsal
Final rehearsal mostly for AV needs. You should
have already rehearsed before this but we might
be able to squeeze in some time here.
Furry Drama Show: Dress Rehearsal
You should have already rehearsed your act on
your own. But this is a  nal rehearsal to judge
order and timing of the acts. Videos should have
already been turned in before now

Educational and Fun Panels

GOH: Self-Employment & Art Business
Do you want to sell your art? Maybe even make
your living o it?  is panel aims to shed some
light on issues like self-promotion, bookkeeping,
legal concerns, and the eldritch horror that is the
US tax code.
 is is my 1st con. What do I do?
Is this your  rst con? Do you want to better your
con experience? Stop by and enjoy the ramblings
of Andrew “AJ” Benigno as he shares his years of
con experience with y’all.
Furry Psychology with Dr. Nuka
Everything you ever wanted to know about
furries in one convenient panel! Let Dr. Nuka
take you through the weird and exciting world
of furry psychology as he talks about what nearly
a decade of research on furries can tell us about
them. Ask this furry researcher anything, suggest
topics for future studies, or see the answers that
researchers have found to the questions furries
and non-furries alike commonly ask.
AD: Social Experiments with Dr. Nuka
Interested in being a lab rat (er… ‘test subject’)
in a bunch of crazy social experiments with Dr.
Nuka and the Furry Research Team? Take part
in this one-time only interactive panel where
you’ll take part in a bunch of weird and wacky
psychology experiments. If you want to attend,
you MUST talk to the researchers at their table
beforehand and complete the “special” survey –
only people who show up at the door with the
survey will be allowed in!
 ere is a huge rat problem in Dallas, these little
guys are a ecting you more than you think and it
is only getting worse!
Songwriting Basics
Matthew Ebel has been performing for over ten
years and has been helping aspiring songwriters
perfect their craft since 2005. Explore and learn
with this seasoned songwriter, and bring your
best songs with you!
Turning Your Art Into A Business
Matthew Ebel has been a self-employed
performing artist for over a decade. He pioneered
the online subscription model adopted by
Patreon, Bandcamp, and others, and has been
helping artists of ALL types become selfsustaining
since FWA 2009
Social Anxiety and you
Have social anxiety? Worry you might? If so then
attending a convention full of people may be
hard for you emotionally. At this panel we plan
to discuss ways of coping with the problem and
meet others that can help.
Let’s Talk LGBTQ+ Inclusivity!
Unsure about the meaning of a term you’ve
heard? Learning how to be more supportive of
children, family members, or other loved ones?
Questioning where you might  t under the
LGBTQ+ umbrella? Bring an open mind and
join us for an exploration of gender identities,
sexualities, relationship styles and more.
Fur De Lis Anti-Bully Campaign
Taking a in depth approach to talk about inform
and help victim share their experiences with
bullying as well as get victims a support system
to help them through the hard times.  ere is a
better tomorrow don’t give up or give in.
Recording & Editing Music 101
Do you want to record? Are you on a budget?
Do you just want some pointers? Koro and
Dolphinboy explain simple to intermediate
recording for beginners.
 e Art of DJing
It’s more than just playing other people’s music!
Get a look behind the scenes & into the heads
of our panel of experienced DJs. See the thought
process behind a DJ set, how to play to a
convention audiences and we’ll show you how to
get started and walk you though the basics with
some hands-on time with our equipment. Even
experienced DJs can gain some new perspectives
and everyone will have a chance to ask us their
burning questions.
Latte’s Co ee Lab
Interested in brewing better co ee at home? Latte
will demonstrate a variety of pour-over methods,
gadgets, and break down the brewing process
step by step.
Streaming art for Fun and Pro t
A breakdown of what you need to make streaming
work for you, from equipment to how to deal
with stream goers. a Q&A bit the second half
AD: Fifty Shades of Purple: Asexuality in the
Furry Fandom
Asexuality is an orientation that has long been
underrepresented in both the heteronormative
and LGBT+ communities. But it has gained steam
in the past year with high pro le ACEs coming
out both within and without the fandom.  is
panel is a meet-and-greet for everybody on the
ACE spectrum, as well as a discussion about what
it is like to be a member of this small, diverse
It’s a Solar: An intro to solar panels
How to build your very own scalable small o
grid portable solar battery bank. Learn the basics
of solar technology, electrical theory, and how to
use it safely to power what you will.
Animal Inside: a Short Documentary on the
Furry Fandom
Come see the student documentary  lm that was
 lmed last year at TFF, made by UNT graduate
Daniel Porter aka Greger Reindeer in the fandom.
Showcased at Ft. Worth Bizarre Film Festival and
produced under the UNT Media Arts program,
this short  lm is mainly made for newcomers and
those curious about the fandom, but can still be
enjoyed by veterans and active participants in the
fandom.  ere will be Q&A after the showing,
so any possible  lm-makers are recommended to
 e Art of Film & Video
Have you ever wanted to make your own movie
or online videos? Come see a recent UNT Film
grad explain the basics of what makes a good  lm,
tips and tricks with industry standard software,
what cameras and equipment to use, and perhaps
a bit more. If you do come, do be prepared for a
bit of audience participation.
A deep historical and cultural analysis of the
anthropomorphizing of animals, which humanity
has been doing for tens of thousands of years, as
a way to interpret and understand the natural
world around us.
Smart Defense 101
Krav Maga is street smart self-defense that
anyone can learn. Come learn from a certi ed
instructor with 10 years of experience and have
a great workout to.

Meet and Greets

Fox & Pepper Meet & Greet
Come and meet the guys behind the music! Hear
their stories of musical adventures and ask them
the questions you have wanted to know!
Panelist Meet & Greet
Panelist for Furry Fiesta are invited to come
meet Glass Ferret the master of Furry Fiesta’s
scheduling, other fellow panelist and put names
to a face.  is is a perfect time to ask last minute
questions, learn how to use our sound systems
and test projector connections and tips for
running a successful panel.
Science, Tech., Engineer & Medicine
Meet & Greet
A chance for anyone who works, studies, or is just
interested in the science, technology, engineering,
and medical  elds to get together,  nd mutual
interests, and network. Twitter group: @Sci_Furs
My Kid Dragged Me to this Con
Here as a parent or guardian of an attendee?
We’ll have a brief overview of the furry fandom
followed by a chance to meet other folks in your
shoes to swap stories and observations.
Marsupial Meet & Greet: Mad Roos!!
Contrary to the name this is a simple marsupial
meet and greet. I will bring treats and we can sit
and discuss life or just chat.
Hoof Meet & Greet
Hoofers of all kinds welcome. Meet and greet
Welcome to the world of Pokémon! I’m pleased
to be holding Poke’Palooza yet again! Bring your
DS, your cards, your favorite plush, your best
Pokémon cosplay, and your Poke’knowledge!
Contests and prizes and all kinds of Pokémon
Paws of Praise Fellowship
Welcome to the Paws of Praise Fellowship panel.
In this panel, Christian Furs as well as Furs from
all walks of life are invited! We will learn and
explore what it means to be both a Christian and
a Furry; and how we can use our faith and fun
 lled furriness as a unique instrument to glorify
God and build His Kingdom!
Dragon Meet & Greet
Come meet other fellow dragons and kin. Swap
stories and laughs and make new friends.
Hyena Meat and Greet
You don’t really have to eat meat, it was just a
clever play on words. We’re clever, right? If you’ve
got hyena spots, aardwolf stripes, or a beautiful
brown hyena carpet, come meet your fellow
whoopers while we stare around thinking about
what we ate, and what we’ll eat next.
Writer’s Guild Meet & Greet
 e Furry Writer’s Guild is an organization
designed to bring together writer’s throughout
the fandom and help them to get published,  nd
resources to work with other writers, and provide
various other helpful tools for the fandom’s
writers. Meet members and network in this
panel, as well as learn about what the Writer’s
Guild has to o er.
Writers’ Meet & Greet
Ever want to meet other writers within the
fandom?  is is your chance to do just that, and
to talk to some of the panelists of the convention
as well as other authors for a time. Connect,
network, and just have a good time!
AD: Five Nights at Betty’s – Animator Q&A
Adults 18+ Only: Meet animator Foxpawmc y
and voice actress Lina Pilchard, the team behind
the FNAB adult  ash games. Meet fursuit Betty
for pictures after Q&A.
San Antonio Furs Meet & Greet
Come hang out with the furries who live in and
around San Antonio. We’ve got Big Red and
Austin Furs Meet & Greet
Come join the furs from the capital of Texas and
see how we party
Meet Your Haven
Meet HavenCon Organizer Shane (AKA Haven)
As We Talk About  e Convention, Inclusive
Spaces And More!
Wildnights Here & Now
History and Introduction of Wildnights and
Louisiana Fur Meet & Greet
LAFurs come meet and hang out. Come have a
taste of Louisiana
Portable Gaming Meetup
Time to take out those portable gaming systems
and connect! Whether you’ve got a 3DS, a DS,
or any other portable system, this is a place to
meet and potentially play with others who have
the same hobby! What a way to sit and relax after
a great Furry Fiesta! (And if the Nintendo Switch
is out, bring yours – I want to see!)
Furry Flashback’s Saturday Story Salon
Furry Flashback is TFF’s photo blog, history,
stories, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!
Storytellers and gray muzzles welcome! We’ll
focus on 2011: Disco Infurno, but expect
rambling from all over Fiesta’s 9 year history!
Drop in, chat for a bit! What’s your favorite TFF
memory? Your biggest con meltdown? Your  rst
con? Come and share!
Do you want to be on Sta ?
Interested in being TFF Sta ? Want to help make
this an even better con? Got a great idea that you
want to see come to life? Do you have a burning
desire to make everything 20% better? Take a
few minutes Sunday, meet some friendly sta ,
get your questions answered, share your thoughts
and ideas, and help keep Furry Fiesta awesome!
Steven Universe Meet & Greet
Lets talk about the show Steven Universe,
including show fan theories and favorite scenes.
AD: Under  e Jungle Gym
A Meet and Greet for Cubs, Baby furs, Lil’furs,
and those who are curious about them. General
discussion and Q & A about the subculture of
this part of the fandom such as con etiquette for

Social Events

TeaTime for the Soul
Join us for tea, cookies, and quiet conversation. We
will provide hot water, tea and it’s accoutrements.
Tea enthusiasts are encouraged to bring their own
favorite teas and blends to share, as well as any
additional nibbles!
How to Make Furry Friends!
Finding friends that have the same interests as
you outside of convention walls can be hard!
Come and discuss the ways you can do that!!
 e Howling
Bring your instruments, bring your voices! Come
and join Ryuukiba to casually explore the art of
music composition and collaboration!
AD: A Manic Discussion about Fetishes
So, let’s face it, we of the nerdy culture have
some unusual kinks. But these aren’t things to
be ashamed of! Let’s this out, learn a little about
others, and a little about ourselves, all bundled
up with the surely manic and nervous energy of a
room full of deviants!
Furry Roadtrippers
Learn how to survive the US highways and how
to travel across the country with your fursuit and
friends. Meet fans of driving and car enthusiasts
and maybe your next copilot!
Card Gaming 101
Join Istanbul for some fun card games to start o
the convention! Games like  e Great Dalmuti,
Set, and Room Party are a fun way to meet new
furries and make friends, along with having lots
of fun getting in some early gaming before things
get rolling! Meet us in the nightclub downstairs
and enjoy!
What’s the Deal with Pool Toys
What’s with the recent in ux of pool toy
characters? Why? What’s the point? Join us to
talk to about pool toy characters, share some real
pool toys, and explore the ideas behind them.
Furry Common Sense
Come to this panel to learn everything you didn’t
realize you needed to know! Whether it’s how to
handle explaining the furry fandom to just about
anyone, guidelines on how not to be that creepy
guy everybody avoids, or how to deal with issues
at the convention, there’s something for just
about everybody! And remember: the less you
think you need this panel, the more you need
this panel.
Relax & Breathe
Take a break from the loud con  oor and enjoy
a soothing quiet room maybe even meet new
people!  ere will be soft music and fortune
telling as well as some card games.
Otherkin &  erian Discussion Group
Interactive discussion about issues with otherkin
and therians.
Ozy the Otter presents: How to Cinnamon
Toast Crunch, A Hands-on Experiment
Get your cereal on with Ozy and gang! Come
 nd out why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch
(and other cereals). Grab a bowl and spoon and
share any cereal-related thoughts, stories, and
questions. Audience participation is encouraged!
Challenge Me, Instagram!
Come one, come all! In this event, fellow
instafurs are allowed to meetup and socialize and
participate in challenges, such as, the mannequin
challenge, seven second challenge, etc, and
various games.
AD: Real Talk
A place for group discussion on the more
controversial subjects going on in our world/
communities. Anyone’s opinion is welcome and
there are no right or wrong answers. Sit down,
think, discuss.
AD: A Little’s Story Time
Cub, littles, kid fur story time. Story read by
Path, the Con chair. (Path Said he would do it!)
AD:  e Dragon Den
Dragons! Scalies! Reptiles! You’ll  nd ‘em all here
at the Dragon Den! Not a Dragon? No problem!
Just bring ketchup…
 is is a panel for all things dragon, scales, reptiles,
amphibian, etc. Even if you are none of the above,
come on over anyway. ALL are welcome! From
the tiniest of lizards to the mightiest of dragons,
come mingle and discuss what makes the scalie
species  e Best/Worst Species Ever! Share stories
your persona has endured, step up and announce
yourself to your scalie brothers and sisters! Be
seen, be heard!… Just don’t eat the  u y ones.
(We need them for warmth!)
Please note that this panel is not suitable for
whelps! (No one under the age of 18, sorry!)


Werewolves (Eat your Friends!)
A staple of any furry convention and a great
way to meet people if you’re new to the con! In
the game Werewolves, players take the role of
townspeople banding together to rid their village
of hungry werewolves before it’s too late. New
players and long-time veterans alike are welcome!
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Come play a rousing game of one night ultimate
werewolf, the shorter and more fun version of
ultimate werewolf.
Werewolves of the Dark Arts
In this game, the Villagers must discover the
identity of the Werewolves before they are all
killed. Every night, the Werewolves form a
hunting pack to kill a single unlucky victim.
When the sun rises, the hysterical Villagers pick
someone to lynch. Players are allowed to and
encouraged to blu , lie, and misdirect in order
to win the game.

Table Top

Betrayal At House On  e Hill
A small group of people go to the House on the
Hill to explore the manner, but secretly one of the
group have lured the others into their diabolical
trap to slaughter them all. No one knows who
the traitor will be and with 50 scenarios and a
board which is built as you play, it’s never the
same game twice.
Iron Claw Furry Role-Playing Game
Come play with a group of brave adventurers on
a journey of high adventure and risk
Myriad Song Furry Sci- Role-Playing Game
Come journey across the stars. After the fall of
the last great galactic empire the stars are full of
danger and fortune do you have what it takes.
Charity Magic the Gathering Tournament
Magic the Gathering card gaming event for
charity.  ere will be a buy in for cards which
you can keep, with sign-ups starting on Friday at
4pm. Space will be limited.
Co-Op Board Games
A variety of games are available but all focus on
teamwork. Everyone playing will win or lose as a
group, so work together to handle whatever the
game throws at you.

Gaming Events

Charity Casino Night
Furnished casino setup, in which all proceeds go
to TFF’s charity
Charity Poker Tournament
 e kitties are betting on you to help them! Come
out and play some Texas Hold’em and win prizes!
All buy-ins go towards C.A.R.E. and F.A.A.S..
Smash Bros. Tournament
Kick some butt with your altruism! Buy in and
see how far your skills will take you! All proceeds
go to C.A.R.E. and F.A.A.S..
Impossible Fursuit Charades
It’s a game of fursuit charades, but we’ve ramped
up the di culty! Come watch teams of fursuiters
compete for the glory of being crowned Charade
Champions. Audience members who try their
hand at guessing will have a chance to win prizes!
Let’s Make a Game!
 ree people, one hour, too many audience
suggestions to count. Can our intrepid crew
create a brand new game, from conception to
play testing, in just one panel length? You’ll have
to come watch to  nd out!
Furry Language
It’s furry charades with a twist! Whether you’re
in suit, partial, or just street clothes, you can
let your fur do the talking on Furry Language!
Based on TV’s “Body Language,” teams of two
use pantomime to convey clues to furry-themed
puzzles. (Fursuiters are advised that every player
will have a speaking role at some point in the
Games Industry 101
Do you want to work on video games? What
burning questions do you have for people who
do? Come have them answered by our panel of
games industry professionals! In this panel we
will endeavor to demystify breaking into the
industry and what it’s like working there!
Pillow Fight
Pillows, Blankets, and House rules. Plays a lot
like dodgeball
Nerf Gun Battle of the Death Rays
A chance to show o your  repower and heroism,
this friendly event showcases foam blasters action
in a variety of settings. So lock and load, it’s time
to report for duty. All are welcome
JS Joust Mania
Come Join us for 16 player full-movement
madness! Keep your controller still, while trying
to knock out your opponents. FFA, Team mode,
Zombies, and werewolf game types will be shown
o , 3-5 minutes per game.
Mega Humans Vs Zombies
Imagine Hide and Seek taken to the next level!
Grab your electronic locator beacon and hide
from the zombies, if you are tagged you become
one! supports 20+ players, hide anywhere inside
or outside of TFF, show up early to join the  rst
game! (games last 30 min to an hour, suiters
2 Rooms & a Boom: A Party Game
Come on by and play a new kind of party game!
Two teams go head to head and try to either make
sure the President ends up in the same room
with a bomber, or prevent that from happening!
Games are fast paced, and never last more than
15 minutes at a time!
AD: Furoticon – How-to-play & Tournament
Come learn how to play Furoticon, one of the
hottest games in the fandom! We will have Demo
Decks available for anyone who wants to play
Furoticon. Feeling competitive? Participate in a
tournament! Stop by the Tail Kiss Studio dealer
table to learn more and get your cards! (Adults
Only, 18+)/a>