27876559753_20637fb51d_zAn entire convention of furries wandering around tapping on their smartphones?

No change there, then! But Texas Furry Siesta was on July 16, just 10 days after the launch of Pokémon Go–for a few weeks, the biggest celphone game ever. At Siesta, it was, well, kind of a thing.

27876597603_ed1c082b29_zIf you wanted to get a new badge to show off your loyalty both foxes AND Team Valor, the official-unofficial dealer’s den was there to help, with yellow, red, and blue stickers for Instinct, Valor, and Mystic, custom character badges, and a host of other goodies.And quirky con video team What Came Down Productions organized a long hike through the suburbs of Addison, a pokémon hunt that was, sadly, entirely free of pokémon. We caught a pidgey.

One of the fun little features of the game is seeing where the little critters would turn up – in the water cooler, bothering the guys selling books in the FurPlanet room, bopping around on the dance floor…the game’s augmented reality camera added an extra special level of silly to the photos from Siesta. We’ve been collecting some of the best of Siesta Poke-cam…

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