If we had only known… For better or worse, TFF plans its convention theme a year or so in advance. Can’t get those convention books printed otherwise! But if we’d made the mental leap between “hey, Disney might finally release that furry film that’s been in the works since 2012 or so” to “Zootopia is going to come out the week before Fiesta and EVERYBODY’s going to see it!” we might have planned things differently! The unofficial theme of TFF2016 was “The First Church of Zootopia.” Maybe if the movie had come out two weeks before, the vendors and dealers would have flooded their tabletops with bootleg Wildes and tigers in slit-sided spandex boxer-briefs. Sadly, we only had one of those…

Did everybody furry in the fandom see Zootopia opening night? Yes, yes they did. (Well, maybe not, but a lot of them did!) Did that stop Furry Fiesta from bussing its lovely sponsors and supersponsors to a sold-out, crazy, over-the-top enthusiastic Zootopia screening? No, no it didn’t. We hadn’t reserved the theater for the show, but we sure filled the room. I wonder what it would have been like to be the only non-furry there? “Who are these strange people, and why did they laugh at that?”

The Sponsor-Bus is coming…photo by Edgewise

Fun with Movie Displays…photo by Skink

They’ll never get the fluff out of the seats…photo by Skink

Maybe we sold out a bit…Zootopia merch at the Furplanet table

One of the best memes from Zootopia was the bouncy, bunny-power anthem, “Try Everything.” Yes, we played it during Opening Ceremonies. Yes, it got mixed into most of the dances. But our musician friends took that piece of pop and made it their own. Check out Amadia Dreamsong’s cover and Fox and Pepper’s unplugged version on Furaffinity…just when you thought you got it out of your head! It’s also the soundtrack for several TFF-in-review videos. Check out “Buttons Goes to TFF” and “Apari’s Furry Fiesta 2016 video” if , at this point, you still haven’t tried everything!

See our “First Church of Zootopia” photo gallery on Flickr!