“Just Draw Anything,” by WaywardMutt (FA)

Hey everybody! You made it!

You’re at Texas Furry Fiesta, or TFF for short. Our 8th year in Texas, in fact. This year we’re visiting the Bayou, specifically at night time. Swampy areas are a little spooky (or spoopy, if you’re from the Internets), so we’ve taken a turn for the magical and animals that can seriously bite you. Like gators. Hyenas just weren’t bitey enough, I guess. Because life wasn’t already strange, the Circus is in town this weekend, too.

We have acquired a nice new room at TFF, called Malachite. It is big and roomy and pretty, and by acquiring this room TFF now owns all the major meeting space in the hotel. Our room block this year expanded to encompass nearly the entire hotel. Our nice and good hotel let us come back again this year! They’re the best. Be nice to our hotel, I think they’re still a little in shock at all the walking, talking animals that replace their usual business factory conventions. Try not to bark at them, use people words instead! And indoor voices! And get off my lawn!

Sophie Cabra, Laura Garabedian, and Perro are our honored guests this year. Sophie brings us a wide range of artistic styles, fantastic to toony, and includes suit making in her expansive repertoire. We thank Sophie for our lovely poster this year and whimsical badge art. Laura has graced us with sharp lines and gritty realistic depictions of our imaginary worlds, on full display on the convention shirt. And Perro, well he’s an odd bird. Or dog. Or bird dog I don’t know. That’s not important, what’s important here is that he was the convention chair of a landmark furry con called Midwest FurFest up in Chicago. During his tenure they had an “event” you might have seen on CNN. Perro and his staff kept all our friends safe, well informed, and generally in good spirits. That’s hard to do with an evacuated hotel on a freezing night. We honor his leadership in that trying time.

The talented, experienced local troupe “Circus Freaks” bring a big tent moment to the convention. We welcome back Bandthro, Fox Amoore, Matthew Ebel, and many (MANY) talented musicians. A variety of DJs will perform every night at our dances. There are hundreds and hundreds of things to do at TFF, including musical acts, stage shows, panels, an art show, dealer’s den, artist alley, nightly dances, and again, bitey bitey alligators.

Thank you to all who have returned and to everyone new to our little corner of the Bayou.

Go make memories.


-Path, Hyena
2016 Convention Chair

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