Art by Bucky Whitetail (FA)Art by Bucky Whitetail (FA)

Istanbul (Con Chair, Programming) is a bunny who’s been in the furry community since 1995. An avid game player and a big fan of furry art, music, writing, and he has greatly enjoyed conventions as both attendee and staff. When combined with years of experience in the hotel industry and an ability to talk up a storm, starting a convention just seemed like the right thing to do!

Glass (Vice-Con Chair, Chief of Security) is a dizzy ferret that is always willing to lend a paw and is part of a secret organization of ninja furs that take pictures of you paying $6 for coffee. He is willing to do a lot for a friendly hello, hugs & ginger treats. Got an issue? Let him know and he will chase it down to find out what we can do. You can also find him running circles just to make people happy.

Guardian (Logistics, Con Ops) has been a member of the furry community since 1999. He likes most fantasy and sci-fi media, good artwork, furry/scaly/feathery critters in general but especially Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!), computers, and all things technical. You can find him keeping busy with hotel planning, panel room prep, setup/tear-down, planning, coordination, and reducing duplicated effort… he is the “make it happen” guy.

Webster (Treasurer, Con Ops) is a life-long fangirl who wandered into the furry fandom about three years ago, her home base is literary—science fiction and fantasy, with a heavy dose of Star Trek throughout her developmental years—and Webster has never been anything less than enthusiastic with her many projects and fandoms.

Celyddon (Registration) is the resident avian, feather duster, and window breaker. She has been a member of the furry/feathery community for about 5 years. While not entirely a lifestyler, she does tend to be peckish, loves to wing it, tends to shriek when agitated, and eats like a…well, you get the idea. In her spare time she does semi-professional costuming and researches better ways to break her D&D game, thus reveling in the fact that she is indeed a dork.

Savrin (Gaming Track) is an unsuspecting fennec that has been involved in the furry fandom around 14 years. Starting from a Yahoo search for Robin Hood and going from there, he has been there and indeed, done that. Currently involved with KnotCast, he also can be seen as an occasional booth wench for FurPlanet.

Shiva (Dealer’s Den, Artist Alley) has been part of the fandom as an artist and writer for over a decade, and she can be found on FurAffinity as shivakat. She takes part in the furry relationship and geek podcast KnotCast, and provides management, assistance, and support for those wishing to sell at Furry Fiesta within our vendor spaces. She also minds our LJ, Facebook, Yahoo Groups and several other public venues where we have a presence.

Kyo Foxtrot (Volunteer Wrangler) is a film major and part-time writer/artist who recently came to Texas. He’s been in the Furry Fandom for almost 10 years and is also a huge Anime geek. Kyo is a purple fox, and has been showcased in a novel sold by You can usually find him wearing all bright purple and pink, and KnotCast has dubbed him the gayest gay to ever gay a gay!

Path (Art Show) A hyena out of San Antonio who’s been active in the fur community for almost a decade. He’s organized many a furmeet and digs meeting new furs online and in person. He’s so old that he’ll probably respond to your text message by calling you. This guy is responsible for filling up the art show with great artists, and generally keeping the Art Show as organized as possible. Hyenas are the bestest and most wonderful things in the whole world. (I’m just sayin.)

Teiran (Conbook) is the angry badger of FurPlanet Publishing. An engineer, writer, and publisher, he works with his mate FuzzWolf providing the fandom with literary and comic book publishing. He is often seen destroying buildings and bridges just to rebuild them, or simply rearranging his mate’s stuff.

Regek (Audio/Photography) is a 98-year-old hermaphroditic lizardtaur, painted all the colors of the rainbow. His hobbies include rampaging across the countryside, eating gallon jugs of Cheez Whiz at a single shot, and doing the Hammer Slide with his best friend Godzilla. His role in the convention includes not only Audio / Visual work, but doing battle with any giant Kaiju monsters that happen along.

Trevalyn (Dances) is a shadow tiger fur from Houston, TX, who has been a part of the fandom for many years now. A piano player since the age of 6, he has composed and written his own music, done remix commissions for artist like Amber, Rihanna, and Kristine W, and worked with the Universal Music Group. A DJ for almost 10 years, he has played in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, and many furry cons. He also DJs for Rainbow Tiger Radio, an internet station, where you can find him playing nonstop mixes of dance, house, and electro house music 5PM CST – 7 PM CST Thursday evenings.

Chakat Silverstreak (Video Room) is in charge of Video Room Programming. Although interested in anthros for pretty much all his life, he’s only really known what a Furry is and considered himself part of the fandom since 1998. A big science fiction buff and roleplayer, as well as being an anime fan, he has worked as A/V Tech staff for Project A-Kon since 2007… which is just about as long he’s been L-Shaped, too.

Tigerwolf (Internet Room) is a retired USAF flight test program manager/engineer and is a rated senior navigator. Though a ‘furry’ inside since a kid, the Internet revealed others in 1993. He founded Tigerden in 1994 in part to contribute something back to the fandom. Since then, Tigerden has provided internet room setups for various furry cons, web and muck hosting, and individual accounts for those lacking other facilities. Tigerden also provided Internet for victims of hurricanes Katrina and Gustav and during extended power outages from windstorms in Ohio

Mitch (Staff Artist) Creator of art. Destroyer of Worlds. “Mongoose adjacent.”

Jeddar (Con Suite) is the fine Head of Con-suite, and its chief cook and bottle washer. A fur in the community for a little over 21 years, he is a computer tech turned Professional Chef-in-training. This 36 year old ferret is living semi-comfortably in the Dallas area, and is happily wed to Halfwit Genius.

Halfwit Genius (Non-Fursuit Activities) is a seven-bodied Rat King. If you catch her running in four or five directions at once, it’s because she couldn’t agree on anything. She has been in the fandom for around four years, and enjoys writing, reading, drawing, and gaming. And sci-fi/fantasy shows. And gaming. You can generally find Halfwit Genius around pinatas and running many of the events at the con.

Crys the Hybrid (Art Track) is an artist with a love for improving and helping others. She’s very outgoing and enjoys being around others as well as showing those that are curious how to do anything she can. She currently resides in Oklahoma with her fiance and is hoping to one day be a big shot animator or comic artist.

Shockwave (Writing Track) is a fun-loving introvert who writes fictional fantasy stories in his spare time. A builder in Second Life, he has two children, a wife, dogs, and a lawn to take care of, but he is still keeping his hand in the fandom and in writing as best he can.

PacerFox (Fursuiting Track) is a fox (though he also has a wolf character and a phoenix character) who lives in Austin. He’s been costuming for twelve years, and has worked 6 years for a minor league hockey team as their mascot, as well as performing for many charity organizations.

Gwaland (Systems Administration) is a jaded house cat with blue stripes. A technologist who enjoys toying with future concepts and possibilities, his extracurricular activities include robotics, arcade collecting, ST:O, harassing his partner Max, and attempting to passively take over the world by stealing cardboard coasters. If you find that our servers our down, feel free to lead the torch-welding mob in his direction!

Ipequey (Webmaster, Multimedia Track) is a blue and white anthro wolf with a hard to pronounce name. Somehow he got “suckered” into becoming Furry Fiesta’s webmaster, and has remained chained to his desk ever since. When not hacking away, you can generally find him enjoying fine beers and music, in fursuit, or attending one of the multimedia track events.

We would also like to thank the organizations who have supported the convention this year:

CARE – For everything they do!

The Crowne Plaza Hotel and it’s staff – They’ve been incredible to work with the past 3 years!

MacArthur’s Restaurant – For excellent, tasty in-house food at outstanding prices

Oklacon – For sharing expertise and being a reliable sounding board


70s Texalope by Joe Rosales (FA)

Sublevel 3 – For being amazingly generous with their equipment and being truly outstanding people to work with

We’d like to thank all our volunteers past and present for their efforts and contributions. The following are a select few who have contributed significant portions of their time this year to help the staff plan and run Furry Fiesta 2011:

Registration – Storm, Teser, Sabri Aurelia, Seismic
Security – Silver Frostpaw
Volunteer – Lola Starr
Dealer’s Den – Siam, Akeasharmy
Gaming – VVolf
Con Suite – Lathyrus
Art Show – Path, Draft
A/V – Psyfur, Kabaka, Whines
Events – Corsi, Draconis

The 2011 Conbook Artwork by the following:

Megan Giles
Mongoose Ink
Reluctant Draggin
Joe Rosales
Robert “Bucky” Losiniecki

70s Frisbeelope by Jose Rosales (FA)

70s Frisbeelope by Jose Rosales (FA)

Have Fun Everybody!