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Space Cowboy“, story by Kyell Gold
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Welcome to our second year of Furry Fiesta!

We’re starting to get pretty big, as you’ve probably noticed; our first year set a record for attendance at a first-year furry convention, and if our pre-registration numbers are any indication, we’ve probably done the same this year by the time you read this text. That said, I want to thank each and every one of you for joining us and helping to make Furry Fiesta not only a success, but – more importantly! – a fantastic time for everyone. Every member of staff has been working tirelessly to make this year even better than the last, and whether this is your first convention or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’re going to make this an experience to remember!

Judging by the hands that went up at Opening Ceremonies last year when I asked for an indication of who was experiencing their first furry convention, we have a lot of furs in Texas who have simply never experienced the wonder, camaraderie, and spectacle that a furry convention has to offer. I want each and every one of you to feel at home here, to realize that this is not just a convention, this is your convention! If you’re new to this sort of thing, please feel free to drop by our panel “So This Is Your First Furry Con” not long after Opening Ceremonies and ask me or my co-chair, Guardian, anything you want to know!

Part of my goal for everyone to have fun is for everyone to remain safe and happy, so please remember to observe the rules of conduct. There are lots of rules, sure, but many of them are common sense: don’t bother someone if they tell you to leave them alone, don’t do anything to deface the hotel, keep your volumes down late at night, things like that. Remember that there will be other guests in the hotel as well, and we don’t want to make the hotel sorry they brought us in! Much better to enjoy yourself in a fun and reasonable way, make friends, participate in events, and partake in all Furry Fiesta has to offer.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend with us!

Furry Fiesta Convention Chairman