Guest of Honor: Tigerwolf

Tigerwolf has been traveling the expanse of America for well over a decade now, ensuring that anyone at a furry convention who needs an internet connection has one. At no cost to those conventions fortunate enough to have his help (including ours!), he lugs an entire room full of equipment along with him, asking for nothing more than a place to sleep and admission to the convention in return. He even runs his own internet service provider, Tigerden Internet Services, and participates in the amateur radio scene (look up K9TGR sometime)!

Tigerwolf has given a lot to the convention circuit over the years, and we at Furry Fiesta feel that it’s high time he received proper respect and gratitude for all his hard work.

Artist Guest of Honor: Michele Light

All this time, we’ve had a major furry art talent in our backyard, and it’s high time we honored her properly! Michele Light has agreed to be our Artist Guest of Honor for Furry Fiesta 2010, and we couldn’t be happier! This is an artist who’s been drawing for longer than most furries have been in the fandom!

Anyone who’s been at all familiar with furry art at any point in the last seventeen years or so is doubtless familiar with her work, published in works like Katmandu and the American Journal of Anthropomorphics. Definitely one of the big names in the fandom, we consider it a major boon to be allowed to honor her!

Writing Guest of Honor: Kyell Gold

That’s right, we’ve gotten a hold of Kyell Gold, and he’s going to be our Writing Guest of Honor for 2010! Having been a part of the furry writing scene for nearly a decade now, he’s won Ursa Major awards for his novels in 2005 and 2006, and continues to write with the goal of releasing one novel-length work every year. His work tends to lean more toward the romantic fiction side, and his style improves with every book he releases, with recent works like Out of Position and Waterways proving immensely popular among the furry crowd. Come meet one of the hottest writers in the fandom!