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“Con In Review” Videos
TFF2016 Con Video – Katta Fly (her first video! Wow!)
TFF2016 Con Video – Nala Changeling (another first!)
TFF2016 Con Video – Humphead Wrassse
TFF2016 – Mango Slushie
TFf2016 – Lycan Rottie
Buttons Goes to TFF2016 – Buttons the Hedgehog
“Con Talk” Pre FF2016 – Eduardo Soliz, Wolfboy, Pappy Puma
Apari’s TFF2016 Con Video – Apari Dog
Adelbutton’s TFF 2016 Con Video (Part 1, Part 2)
TFF2016 Aftermath Vlog, Ace Squirrel
TFF2016, Melacar L [Melacar – I love the electroswing! – Minutia]

DJ Mixes, Audio
Texas Furry Fiesta 2016: Live at TFF. Waffles on stage. Oddy.
Live @ TFF 2016, Kempi’s Lounge – Dallas. Axle Wulf
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (AKA Live at TFF 2016), DarrohHuskers
TFF2016, RottenRobbie
Voodoo Trance (Live Set), Nullstrukt

Furrywood.com Voice Acting Panel, TFF2016
“Try Everything” cover, Amadia Dreamsong
“Try Everything” cover, FoxAmoore and PepperCoyote

Misc. Videos
Wild Karrde Unboxing at TFF2016 – Eduardo Soliz
Fencing Telephone! – DocJones7961
Horn Music at FF – Kinky Turtle
Buddy Playing Plinko at TFF2016 – Wolves2husky
Arutheus Playing Trumpet in Fursuit at TFF2016 – Jake Vulpine
Telephone Goes to TFF2016, OtterPop (15 minutes of squeaks!)
The Trio Plays Plinko, Wolves2Husky
Buddy Draws (more plinko), Wolves2Husky
Leone and Alex: TFF Dance Video (in the main level lobby!) Leone La Twerk
Soliloquy of a Celestial Snow Leopard (improvised piano in the hall by Binkmagician), MordrudesMonsters
Happy Birthday from Fiesta: Eeyupers’ birthday card to Jake and Ted 🙂

It Begins!

TFF2016 Introduction Video from Opening Ceremonies – Zap Shakur


Tamaska Kitsu, King of the Swingers Ball: Apollus vs Alex Phoenix, Bone vs Alex Phoenix, Khord Kitty vs Ruby, Final Stage Dance Winners
Bandthro: The Beaten Path, by Simon Fox


Fursuit Games
TFF016 Fursuit Games — Humphead Wrasse (Musical Chairs)

Fursuit Parade
TFF2016 Fursuit Parade – Eduardo Soliz
TFF2016 FULL Fursuit Parade – Jake Vulpine
TFF2016 – The Fursuit Parade! – WildBillTX
TFF2016 Parade Dallas Texas – Timothy Roth
TFF2016 Fursuit Parade – Digital Ninja 279
TFF2016 Fursuit Parade! – Nicodeme Savoury
TFF2016 Fursuit Parade – Wolves2Husky
TFF’s Biggest Fursuit Parade EVER! – Professor Fennec

MacGyver Fursuit Challenge – Humphead Wrasse

Furry Drama Show:
Love Yourself Furry Justin Bieber Parody, TFF2016, Khord Kitty

Furry Psychology 2016 at TFF, Professor Fennec

Waffle Rave! – John Venzon

Who’s Lion Is It Anyway? – Pop the Otter


Entertain the Staff for Small Prizes (1, 2), Sausterman

Dance Competition Videos:

TFF Staff: Skiver and Sebastian, Roskey, Forte, Alex Phoenix, Proxy, Fuze, Khord Kitty, SilverFang, Breakie, Match, Phazey, Racket, Leone, Guts O’Possum, Yuudoku, Rocket Luna, Chexy, Sakura the Raver Hound
AV gets Interviewed, Audience Interviews

TFF2016 Fursuit Dance Competition – Lilfurbal

Humphead Wrasse: Forte, Roskey, Alex Phoenix, Skiver and Sebastian, Proxy, Fuze, Khorde Kitty, Silverfang, Breakie, Match, Phazey, Racket, Guts, Yuudoku, Rocket Luna, Chexy, Sakura, Leone

Khord Kitty: Results Dance, Yuudoku, Phazey, Khord Kitty, Guts Opossum, Chexy, Match, Rocket Luna, Leone, Racket, Breakie, Fuse, Proxy, Skiver and Sebastian, Alex Phoenix, Forte, Roskey, Sakura the Raver Hound

Quartz Chain: Roskey, Alex Phoenix, Khord Kitty, Breakie, Match, Racket, Leone, Guts, Yuudoku, Rocket Luna, Chexy, Sakura

Luna Coonec: Post-Dance Freestyle, Results

Big Cat Derek’s Big Guide to Furries

In Conclusion…

2017 Teaser Video by Zap Shakur