"Hai" by Bucky

“Hai” by Bucky

Perhaps you have a few photos of your friends, a couple of selfies, and a great overhead shot from last year’s fursuit parade. Maybe you’ve got an archive of 2,000+ photos from every year of Fiesta (you know who you are!) Either way, if you’d like to share your photography (or on-topic art, or videos…media’s great, we like media…) that would be amazingly fantastic, and you are obviously a truly great and generous person. Now, let’s make this as easy as possible!

Note: All of these are open channels for photo and media submission. Owing to the wide-ranging interests of our fandom, and friendly or not-so-friendly interest from outside groups, we can’t guarantee that these links are worksafe, though we’ll try to clean out troublesome content.

In submitting images to these web platforms or tagging them as requested, we assume that you are giving permission for the staff of Furry Fiesta and Furry Flashback to use these images, with attribution, in web projects, con media (slideshows and similar), and the Furry Flashback photo gallery on Flickr. We give all our photographers credit and linkbacks.

Thank you so much!


Our favorite method of storing and sharing photos! We’ve been using Flickr to host our collection of Fiesta photos from 2009 and beyond. Share photos with our Photo Group (yes, there’s already a fiesta photo group, but we don’t have the keys to that van…) It’s also possible to temporarily or permanently set a photo album with a “download all photos in a zip archive” function. We’re not ASKING for that, but it’s a very nice function, and it might be our birthday soon… drop us a note with a link to your Flickr account and the relevant folder or tag!
Weasyl provides a convenient way of sharing a small number of images using the site’s “Collection” feature. Share a few choice shots with us as a collection!
Google Photos
We welcome our robot overlords at Google and trust they will make wise decisions and not abandon a photography platform unexpectedly. Here’s our shared photos from Googlespace…It’s a little buggy and routes through a personal account, but we’ll check it 🙂
The messenger app and file-transfer miracle that’s taken the fandom by storm! Join our Flashback telegram channel (it’s low-traffic, with the occasional new topic for discussion, and mostly consists of its owner talking to himself…) and share stories, photos, and more! Or just send a note to @khaladog if you want to avoid the whole “channel” concept.
The fandom’s busiest website doesn’t come with an easy way to transfer files…particularly large numbers of files. We DO use FA for a lot of our communication and work on new stories, and to meet new friends and contributors. If you’d like to share a photo or other media with us through FA, add the tag heyfurryflashback to the piece, and we’ll look for it!

Something Else? Prefer to work through dropbox, email, or otherwise? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you ASAP!