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Lend a Paw!

Texas Furry Fiesta is about you, the Furry Fandom. TFF Flashback is about your stories, and we'd love for you to share them with us! Want to contribute? Send us a note or say "hi" on FurAffinity! Here's what we're looking for:
Your Words: Get us out of "just the facts, ma'am!" and into some REAL storytelling: add color with your word powers! See our story on theIce Furpocalypse of 2015, we try to mix it up with short "sound bites" and memories.  Around 20-100 words is perfect. You can also leave a comment on the stories...see our Work in Progress articles below!
Article Ideas: We're looking for short stories and ideas about moments that really shaped the con, going all the way back to the beginning. Events that defined the con that year—the broken escalator fursuit parade from 2014, food truck frenzy from 2015, and so on. The best ones will touch a lot of furs, and have a lot of photos and memories! We can work with just the idea, but if you want to try writing an article, 100-300 words is perfect.
Photos: Check out our photo collection! If you have some images you'd like to share, send us an email. We can work with any collection of images (Facebook, FurAffinity, Flickr...) but it's helpful to have the images in one folder or collection, with a clear idea of what year they're from. A zipped archive or shared Google Drive bundle with clear file names is very helpful! Our FAVORITE photos show people doing fun things...and not just fursuiters, we understand humans are involved with the fandom :)
  We need the following information for image permissions: name you wanted credited with image (your name, business name, fursona name, etc.) Web address if you'd like us to link to your home page, FA account, etc. Please include the following Permission statement:
  • You may use my images with attribution on Furry Fiesta's home page and blog.
Thank you hugely for helping us build the story of Fiesta and or members!

The Pipeline! (Or, Not Ready for Prime Time...)

The articles below are (mostly) on their way to becoming stories (a few of them already are, but could use a little more color and flavor!) Some of them are mostly empty stubs, we haven't started on those yet, but we're gonna, and would still love to hear from y'all in comments or on FA. A handful are marked "Year in Review," with just a few stray thoughts about what happened in 20XX. These are places to start and suggest new stories!